Bellazi Title

Terms of purchase

1. Preamble
These Terms apply only to purchases via the Internet website The Terms outline and specify in more detail the rights and obligations of the Seller (the Operator) and the Buyer (the Customer).

2. The Order and execution of the Purchasing Contract
  • a) By placing an Order the Buyer confirms that he/she has read these Terms and the Rules of Complaint Procedure, and he/she agrees with them.
  • b) The Order is a draft of the Purchase Contract. The Purchase Contract comes into force at the moment of takeover of the goods by the Buyer.
  • c) The Buyer shall obtain the goods for the price applicable at the moment of placing the Order. In the case of ordered goods that are not in stock, or must be approved for manufacture, the Buyer shall pay 50% of the total price (including VAT) to the account of BELAZZI, 19-5307410277/0100 with the Order / invoice number as the variable symbol. The IBAN number is: CZ 5000100000019-5307410277/0100. The constant symbol is 0008. The Order / invoice will be attached to the e-mail message, which is automatically generated by the eshop immediately after the Order is placed. If the Buyer does not agree with this condition, or does not pay 50% of the total price, the Order is not confirmed and processed � the goods are not manufactured.
  • d) The condition of validity of the electronic order is filling in all the required data and fields in the form.
  • e) The place of delivery is the address entered by the Buyer in the registration form.
  • f) The Seller undertakes to transport the goods by its own means after all the above-mentioned requirements have been met, or send it cash on delivery (see the Delivery Terms below).
  • g) The right of ownership is transferred to the Buyer upon takeover, provided the goods have been paid for.
  • h) By filling in the registration form, or binding order within the Internet shop the Buyer grants the Seller his/her approval for the collection and archiving of personal data of the Buyer and his/her purchases.

3. Termination of the Purchasing Contract (return of the goods)
The Buyer (private entity, not a company with an Identification Number) has the right pursuant to Section 53, Subsection 6 of the Civil Code to terminate the Contract within 14 days of taking over the goods, provided the Purchasing Contract has been executed via remote communication channels. This shall not apply if the customer takes over the goods in person at the branch office (Article 2b of the Terms). In this case the undamaged goods, free of any signs of use or wear and tear, shall be sent back in the original package within the prescribed period (the date of dispatch is decisive). After the returned goods are received, the Seller shall send the customer the relevant amount of money by means agreed in advance. The customer shall be given the price including the recycling fee, excluding transport and package charges. The Buyer is not entitled to terminate the Contract pursuant to Article 7 thereof:
  • a) on the provision of services if the performance began with his/her consent before the period of 14 days following the takeover,
  • b) on the delivery of goods or services, the price of which depends on the fluctuations of financial market out of the supplier's control,
  • c) on the delivery of goods modified according to the consumer's wish or for him/her, as well as goods with a short shelf life, fast wear and tear or obsolescence,
  • d) related to a game or lottery prize.
4. Rights and Obligations of the Seller
  • a) The Seller is obliged to process the binding Order, send the ordered goods and deliver to the Buyer's address within the term notified to the Buyer in the confirmation of the Order. Upon takeover the Buyer shall always receive a tax document, warranty and Czech manual.
  • b) All the personal data provided during registration are secret.
  • c) The Seller is obliged to delete registered customer from the database if the customer so requests in writing.
  • d) The Seller is entitled to reject the Order if the Buyer repeatedly fails to comply with the obligation to accept the goods and pay the price.
  • e) The Seller is entitled to terminate the Purchasing Contract (binding order) if performance becomes impossible, unless a new performance is agreed with the Buyer. If the Buyer has paid for the ordered goods in advance (by bank transfer, GSM banking etc.) and has terminated the Contract for above-mentioned reasons, the Seller is entitled to receive the full amount within 6 days from receipt of written notice at the latest.
5. Rights and Obligations of the Buyer
  • a) The Buyer is obliged to provide a correct and full postal and invoicing address where the goods shall be sent. Starting 1 January 2006 we are forced to charge this service due to the high number of changes of the data in the already invoiced documents. The fee is CZK 100. Data changed prior to invoicing remain free of charge.
  • b) The Buyer is obliged to accept the ordered goods and pay the total price (unless he/she has already paid 50% of the price in advance). The customer is informed of the total price when filling in the order, before the binding confirmation is provided.
  • c) The Buyer is entitled to the deletion of his/her personal data from the database following a written request. The Seller hereby undertakes to delete all the data related to the Buyer within 5 days after the written request is received at the latest.
6. Final Provisions
  • a) These Terms are valid in the wording available on the Seller's website, on the day of sending the electronic order on the part of the Buyer.
  • b) By sending the electronic order the Buyer accepts all the provisions of the Terms as amended on the day of sending, including the valid price of the ordered goods according to the catalogue of, unless agreed and demonstrated otherwise in particular case.
  • c) The parties have expressly agreed pursuant to Section 262, Subsection 1 of the Commercial Code that unless the Terms state otherwise, their rights and obligations are governed by the Commercial Code, namely Section 409 et seq. These Terms of Purchase come to effect on 1 May 2006. Changes reserved.