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How shopping is organized at

Here we would like to describe briefly how to shop in our Internet shop. The interaction is very intuitive and simple; you don't have to worry about lengthy and unnecessary clicking procedures.


Using the navigation bar on the left, take your time and choose the category you are looking for; a list of all products in your selected category will be displayed in the main window (if you want to see the list without images for the sake of faster browsing by name � click "change display" on the upper right of the product, you may re-select the display with images using the same procedure). When you've found the desired product, click in the window where it is located � details will be displayed with maximum information on the product. You may either decide to buy it (click in the �number of items� field � enter the amount you wish to order � then click the "Add to shopping cart" button � you may continue shopping, the product is included and you can check it anytime by clicking the "Shopping cart" button in the navigation bar to the left), or just click another category elsewhere to browse our hundreds of other products. The total price will always be displayed in the upper right corner, and you may check the contents of your shopping cart by clicking the button.


You have the opportunity to change the number of selected items in your shopping cart at any time. The number column in the table can be edited � just rewrite the number and click the "Re-calculate" button located under it. When you have finished e shopping and would like to complete it and pay, click the "Continue" button. "Login" will be displayed.


It is necessary, for your safety during shopping to register in our database at this stage.

  • a) If this is your first time shopping with us, click the red "Register" link and enter your company or personal data. Obligatory fields are marked in red; eshop will not register until you fill them in. Don't forget to enter your discount card number to apply for a 10% discount on any item (except the special offers mentioned on the homepage). If you have a company providing cosmetic, hairdressing, manicure or pedicure services, and don�t have a card yet, contact our firm or shop, where the staff will advise you how to obtain it easily. When the form is filled in, continue to b).
  • b) If you have a username and password assigned for your entry in the registered section, just fill them in and click "Continue". You will enter the users' section, where nobody else is allowed under any circumstances. In addition to other things you may easily check all your previous orders here. Your personal data can be changed here. After you are finished in this section, click "Continue" again to reach the final page, and check the delivery address (if different from the invoicing address). Insert any details regarding the ordered goods here � namely, colour of the furniture (don�t forget the edges) laminate or artificial leather, and click "Send order" button.


After your order has been sent, the shopping cart is empty and the order is on the way to your address. At the same time confirmation of your order is sent automatically to your e-mail in the form of an invoice. All discounts are mentioned in the invoice. At this moment the goods in stock will await delivery, and the goods we produce will be ordered from our factory (provided all the conditions of purchase are met).


We try to deliver from warehouse / manufacture the goods as soon as possible. Most of the consumer cosmetic goods are ready in stock. We make the furniture for you. The usual term of manufacturing is 4 to 6 weeks. If we are unable to adhere to the term, we will inform you. IF the ordered goods are in stock earlier, we won't prolong your waiting and will deliver it ASAP. At the moment the goods are ready for delivery we will contact you and agree on the transport and takeover of the goods.