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Terms of delivery

1.Transport of Furniture and Electric Appliances

This assortment is delivered by our contractual partner, DHL. After the order is ready we will contact you to agree on the place and time of delivery, and the form of balance payment. We will charge packaging in the amount of EUR 3 per item on the price. The delivery will be organized by our partner, DHL. The transport fee is always paid by the Buyer. Postal fees are governed by valid tariffs of the freight carrier ( and added to the price of the entire order. BELAZI undertakes to inform the Buyer of this fact as well as of the price of transport. It is in our interest to pack the product well in order to prevent damage. Still � check the delivered goods carefully (see Article 3 of the Terms � complaints).

2. Damaged or Broken Goods

On delivery the customer is obliged to check the goods immediately, in the presence of the freight carrier's representative: the condition (number of packs, intact tape, logo, damage to boxes etc.) according to the presented packing bill, and refuse to take over incomplete or damaged delivery. If there is evident and visible damage to the package, or losses visible inside the delivery, the Buyer is obliged to claim this damage and loss with the the freight carrier. A damage report has to be made on the scope of the damage or loss immediately. The freight carrier undertakes to execute the report. Subsequent handling of the damaged delivery shall follow the freight carrier's instructions. If the damage or loss of the delivery is not visible upon takeover, the recipient is obliged to notify our company, BELAZI Company Ltd. s.r.o. of the damage without delay after he/she becomes aware of it, within 2 days of the delivery at the latest.

3. Complaints

ossible complaints shall be processed in accordance with the rules of complaint procedure of the Internet shop, and Czech legislation. The complaints can be registered directly at BELAZI, Beauty and Nail Supply shops. Replacement or refund is possible only if the goods are returned free of signs of use, in the original condition, undamaged packaging and with all the accessories.